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Kato Polyclay 56 g Blue

Kato Polyclay 56 g Blue


Kato clay is a polymer clay created by Van Aken International specifically for artists with the help of polymer clay artist Donna Kato. Kato clay is baked a higher temperature than other polymer clay brands and is harder when cured. The Cured Product is strong and durable.  All the colours are mixable and it is possible to make almost any colour you desire. For a colour mixing guide go to the official Kato Clay website. Because of the firmness of the clay it is ideal for making canes.

To cure your Kato clay creations, bake in the oven at 135 – 165 Degrees Celsius. (For children to be done under adult supervision)

Before using the clay, it is important that you condition the clay

Most people condition clay by hand or using a pasta machine. If conditioning by hand it is best to condition small amounts at a time. You condition the clay by kneading it twisting it and folding it. Take care not to fold air into the clay this can cause the finished item to bubble or crack.

Conditioning clay with a pasta machine is a lot easier. To condition clay with a pasta machine you feed slices of clay into the machine and keep folding and feeding until the clay is soft and workable. About 12 times should be sufficient. When folding the clay be sure to feed from the folded side into the pasta machine so that you don’t trap air in the clay. 

Size: 56 g block
Quantity: 1

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